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CAT assay - WTF? (Mar/08/2005 )

I'm in a state of utter confusion. i've been conversing with another lab, trying to get them to send me DNA... but instead they've been sending me CAT constructs.
Now, my supervisor says "hey, why not use the cat constructs for an assay?" ok....
now he want to use an antibody to detect it... i thought it was tlc... is this possible?





i have a question for you ...
what is tlc?


Fred, tlc is thin layer chromatography.
Vetticus, I'm confused and intrigued; I hope you will share your supervisor's idea when you find out how to use an antibody detection rather that tlc for your analysis.



(( This may have accidentally posted twice! ))

Anywho, hope that I am not too late in replying to your post.

Roche has a CAT assay test that is antibody based. I don't remember the catalog number off hand, but it would be easy to search for on Roche's website.

Hope this helps!



There is also a CAT ELISA assay out there - the company used to be called <5'-3'>, I don't know if still exist. You lysed cells by freeze-thaw and analysed the lysate. Simple and quick.