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protocol for Immunoprecipitation and 2DE - (Mar/08/2005 )

hello ! I would like to do an Immuno precipitation and a 2DE but the IP buffer is not compatible with the IEF (strip) . Is it possible to find a buffer for do this ? (I work with membrane proteins)
thanks for your help ...


Do a buffer exchange using the molecular weight cut off membranes with the IEF buffer you want to use. rolleyes.gif


thank you for your suggestion


[quote name='Jahrhod' date='Mar 10 2005, 11:00 AM' post='12068']
thank you for your suggestion

dear jahrod, did you find a method for your experiment?? and more importantly, can you tell me how do you break the binding between the immuno-complex and the agarose??

thank's a lot!


QUOTE (Jahrhod @ Mar 10 2005, 05:00 AM)
thank you for your suggestion

Co- ask, Please.