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Far Western again... - (Mar/07/2005 )

I wanted to know if you (Jade falcon) have already done one?


yes, but, only once and with mixed success, so I'm not the Over-Master-Far-western-Experet you searched for in your earlier thread....

I'd try to show protein-protein-interaction by co-Ip first, which didn't work at all, then I tried GST-pulldown of my protein and it's suspected interaction partner, which didnt't work either. So i tried Far-Westernblotting and got reproduceably quite a nice band (my personal oppinion smile.gif ), bur when I changed the cellline I yoused for testing to the one that really mattered, there was no interaction showable, and when going back to the test cells, the far western didn't work anymore....mad.gif
I really don't know what made it work the three different times it did, but, at that point I had already enough other data to finish my thesis, so I left that experiment alone.... huh.gif But I'm planning to try it once more in a month or two, we'll see!

hope you are more successful!