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Plant cell wall protein - remove the polysaccharide and purify the protein (Mar/02/2005 )

I have to remove the polysaccharide when purifying the protein from cell wall. The protein can't be extracted in aqueous solution since may be cross-linked by polysaccharide chains.
How to remove the polysaccharide in cell wall? Thanks in advance.



Extacting cell wall bound proteins is really a tough job. It might be that the protein is encapsulated in the polysaccharide matrix, rather than be attached to it. Yield depends the method of extract.

Homogenization and sonication might be of no use as they just break the cell wall, without loosening it. Some people in our lab, who work on cell wall bound proteins powder the sample with liquid nitrogen, and then use is for purifcation.

Treatment with cellulase might loosen the wall and increase the chance of protein extraction.