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antibodies to epitope tags - (Mar/02/2005 )

Many different epitope tags have been engineered into recombinant proteins. These include FLAG™, HA, HIS, c-Myc, VSV-G, V5 and HSV...

I would like to ask which eptope tag would:

1. have very sensitvie anitibody to it
2. the price of the antibody is relatively cheap
3. have little effect on disrupting the function of the target protein

Who have ever worked on this, I would like to hear some comments for it, thanks!! wink.gif



you want what everybody (researchers at least) want: cheap, sensitve antibodies to a protein-tag that doesn't alter the properties of your protein-of interest. biggrin.gif However, one can't answer your questions in general, sorry. there are some commonly true things, like small tag will alter you peptides properties to a lesser degree than bigger tags, though large tags like GST can have no effect of protein function when a linker peptide is used, and can be cleaved of you expressed fusion peptide......

for sensivity of antibody, I can only say that this, too, depends on your special peptide in combination with your tag. How cheap or expensive antibodies are, you best check yourself, depends on institutional discounts, shipping costs, etc. Good online databases are mentioned in this thread:

I personally had good results with a anti-His Ab from Abcam, but then, Abcam is definetely not cheap.....