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siRNA for Akt1 - use of commercial siRNA to down-regulate Akt (Mar/02/2005 )

I'd like to knock-down Akt1 in my cells, but have no experience in siRNA; therefore I'd like to know whether anyone has successfully used commercial siRNA for Akt, such as those from UBI or from CST ecc...
thank you much for help



ambion's database shows that they've developed a siRNA for AKT
You can see the page at :

ozyme has a siRNA too, shipped in a complete kit that includes siRNA, transfection agent, and antibody for the targeted protein

you can see also this topic that discuss of where mRNA should be targeted...



When Ambion and Dharmacon say when they say they've developed an siRNA against a particular gene, they mean they've put the sequence into their algorithm and had some results spat back out at them, which isn't really the same as having an siRNA already designed. Ordering these may or may not work, depending on how good their algorithms are and whether you trust algorithms!


I wanted to suggest solutions. But i want to point out the fact that for Akt there is VALIDATED siRNA sequences for Akt1 and Akt2.

In general cases of siRNA sold by manufacturers, i did not mean the siRNA products works all, i mean that there is a possibility to find siRNA.
Expresson is right to this point.


Also you need to think about whether having the actual sequence of your siRNA is important. In a lot of companies the company won'y give you the sequence, just a tube with an siRNA in it.