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making more plasmid - (Mar/01/2005 )

I've been sent some plasmids which i'm going to make antisense probes out of. But i need more of the plasmid than what was sent to me. How can i make more? i'm thinking e-coli and then a miniprep... but that sounds a bit wrong. is there a method?

Thanks a million



I think only E. coli can do it for you.


transfom your plasmid into an E.coli, pick your clone, do a mini/midi/maxi/giga -plamid prep (depends on how much plamid you need), and there you are!


All of the above is only valid if the plasmid is "working" in E.coli (i.e. origin of replication for E.coli, applicable selection marker, etc..)!