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Mechanism of Immune Response - (Feb/24/2005 )


Can someone explain to me the mechanism of action of the immune system. What is the role of the antibody? Does it have any effect on foreign tissue in isolation? How does it prompt the destruction of the foreign cells?

If an implanted cell were to be encapsulated in a membrane for immunoisolation what would be the effect of allowing the antibodies to reach the cell? Would the antibody itself damage the cell or does it call for macrophages to take action? If the membrane were to prevent access to the cell by macrophages would the cell be entirely protected or does the antibody emit some form of chemical signal which would prompt marcophages to attack the encapsulating membrane?

What causes the immune response against the beta cells in the islets of Langerhans? Does this reaction even require antibodies or is it specitic T cells which form the reaction? In which case penetration of antibodies through the membrane would be irrelevent.

If anyone can help I would be very greatful. As a non-biologist I have found it very difficult to get useful information about the link between antibodies and the immune response. I have a lot of questions, but if anyone can provide a usful answer to any of them it would be very useful.



i think this web page can give a clear simple information for immune reponse...

this article may be useful for reaction to implants
hope that helps