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Murine markers on hematopoietic stem cells (CD34, Sca-1, etc) - Looking to identify markers on megakaryocytic progenitors (Feb/24/2005 )


I am unsure if I picked the right part of the forum for this question, but here goes.

I am looking to identify or at some point isolate the megakaryocytic fraction (including progenitors) from murine bone marrow.

The most common antibodies for this purpose seem to be against CD34 and Sca-1. Other markers I've come across are c-kit and Lin.
I've been searching literature, but the exact progenitors where these markers appear are still unclear to me (usually it's just called the hematopoietic compartment of bone marrow or something similar).

Is anyone able to tell me, or perhaps direct me to some literature in which the progenitors with CD34 of Sca-1 are more clearly identified?

The megakaryocytic pathway for stem cells seems to be the following:

Pluripotent Stem Cell -->

Myeloid Stem Cell -->

BFU-MK (or BFU-Meg) -->
CFU-MK (or CFU-Meg)-->

Promegakaryoblast -->
Megakaryoblast -->
Promegakaryocyt -->

The markers I'd like to know:
Sca-1 (Ly6A/E)
c-kit (CD117)
Lin (Lineage?)

If anyone can give me some clarity on this I'd highly appreciate it. Thank you for your time smile.gif


i'm not sure of my reply dry.gif but maybe can you look for references on CD34 at Horst Ibelgaufts' Cytokines Online Pathfinder Encyclopaedia
for Sca 1 :

For conditions for expression of specific markers, you may have a look at

in this article they speak about more specific markers CD42a, CD42b, CD61, PF4, and study part of differenciation into megakaryocits
but pf4 appears to be a blood component secreted by megakaryocites

Tell me if that helps you a little huh.gif


CD34+ (differing amounts indicate different things) Sca-1+ c-Kit+ Lin- cells are hematopoietic stem cells.

This should help for your megakaryo interests:

This is a good paper from a great lab:

These sites have a lot of useful info too, check it out - great isolation kits.