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non-radioactive probel labeling options for library screening - (Feb/23/2005 )


I need to decide which non-radioactive label to use for plasmid library screening. Has anyone have an experience with AlkPhos from Amersham? Which kits/chemistries you have tried and which of them work or did not work? (We need to screen with both long probes and oligos; AlkPhos seems to have an additional protocol developed for use with oligos. ) Has anyone have any positive experience with oligos used as probes and what labels were used?

I'd appreciate any inputs,


Hi natalya
we do non-radioactive with DIG labeles from Roche, its not cheap but works fine. there are different protocols (and reagents) for labelling long probes, random prime probes or oilgos; we have used only the first two.