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How many is the limit? - What is the numerical limit to RNAi and others? (Feb/23/2005 )

I have been looking at the literature on RNAi and I am starting to understand enough where I can formulate my question.

I am hoping get an estimate on how many RNAi or miRNA or other xRNA now being and will be idenitified events can happen in a given cell or organism, depending on species, at ONE time.

It has been very fascinating that we are finding out more and more on how cellular bi-product type material controls things on so many levels. Anyway please let me know what you think.


i do not understand what you really mean.
Do you mean that in few years, how many xRNA will be known? Nobody can really answer to that question. But obviously the RNA silencing family is very interesting and is in the move today. When you make a quick search in pubmed, you get tons of references speaking about si / mi RNA.
Such mechanisms are more and more understood and by the way shows increasing therapeutic possibilities. But, according to me, these RNA are more valuable for genetics experiment and genome analysis.

I hope i have answered to your question for a few.


Hey thanks for the reply. I am interested to find out how many RNA mediated genetic events (regulation by siRNA miRNA) can happen at the same time? MAybe I can ask it like how many different RISC complexes are there functioning on different RNAs at the same time in the same cell? I know that this info is not known, but I am hoping to get the opinoin of the people here if the number of RISC complexes working on different substrates are on the order of 10 or 10,000 or just 2? I hope that I clarified my question. Please feel free to let me know your OPINOIN. If you could put some reasoning behind your answer, that would be great! Thanks