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Reuse of PCR purification column - (Feb/21/2005 )

I m using QIAZEN kit for PCR purification. I want know that is the cloumn is reusable or not if yes How many time??
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quiagen officially say no, they are not reusable, but the real life told me otherwise. yes, you can reuse all of the qiagen columns for nucleic acid purification (mini- gigaprep, PCR clean up, etc.). the reusablility is in therory endless, but I found that 3 to 5 times is ok, after that, that columns often are dusted or otherwise unclean and are the disposed of ...

mind you, since the eluation is never 100% complete, that you can reuse your columns in a sensible way only for the purification of the very same nucleic acid you used it originally, or you will get a mixture of different nucleic acids!