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The definition of a real gene? - (Feb/20/2005 )

Here is a rather broad question:
how do I know whether a 'gene' is a 'real gene'? (I have checked whether it appeared in the EST database) Whatelse needs to be done to be sure that it is a real gene?

thanks millions in advance!


the definition of gene is ever-changing. I don't know what the gold standard of a gene is today, but I think if it gets transcribed, then its a gene (accounts for rRNAs and tRNAs which never become translated).


There have been zillions of discussions over what a comprehensive definition of a "real" gene can be. It is kind of a tough question though it sounds so elementary. A basic unit of heredity, that encodes a product or even codes for just RNA like rRNA or tRNA that do not end up as proteins, with 5' and 3' UTRs, with intervening sequences in eukaryotes.




I believe yu are trying to see if your gene is an ORF. Then check your sequence for a promoter, start codon and a stop codon. If you can find them, then its a coding DNA; a gene, DNA portion with a property.