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BAC cloning problems - (Feb/18/2005 )

I am trying to clone viral genomic DNA into BAC vector (pCCBACI by Epicentre).
I had no success so far, although I followed their protocol to the word.
I have digested my viral genomic DNA with HindIII and used the appropriate kit (Copy Control HindIII) but I could not even get a single colony on my plates.
I have tried everything, from slightly changing ligation conditions to re-circularizing the vector and cutting it with my fresh HindIII enzyme.

If there's anyone out there using the same kit with some useful advice, please let me know!!!

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I'm consructing BAC library for egyptian wheat
I've a problem with using the same kit I bought it , the kit you used didn't give you any clone but in my case it gave me only white clonies and when I tested them for characterization I discovered that the clones didn't carry any fragment although it is white and I asked the company for the expire date of the kit they didn't reply
what did you do in ur case to bypass the problem

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abandon the kit altogether as it is horrible!!!

What I have done is shotgun cloning (products of about 500bp ) in a BAC vector we use internally. You can basically pick anything that worked for you or your colleagues earlier...

I got into a world of trouble with my boss trying to clone this way. He thought I did not know what I was doing and came short of calling me incompetent....