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The amount of plasmid for ligation reaction - Help (Feb/17/2005 )

First time poster here. I have done a transfection today and I wanted to know if the results will be greatly affected by the addition of less or more plasmid DNA than the protocol recommends? Does anyone have any experience with this?


You always have to adapt all conditions depending on DNA lenght, type of transfectant, cell type, #of cells...
I suggest you do some controls by transfecting GFP and try different conditions (µg of plasmid, µl of transfectant).



i'm still working with the very old lipofectamine reagent (yes it still exists wink.gif) and on the reference guide they give a graphical analysis on the efficiency of transfection. You can go to the page at :
(it's not the one from invitrogen because they've upgraded the notice and didn't keep the table).
But Simonsays is right. You have to adapt conditions for your experiments...