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Question about silver staining - How silver saining can bind all of DNA, protein and RNA? (Feb/16/2005 )

Please let me know about the principle of silver staining. How it can bind all of Protein , DNA and RNA (Which part of protein, DNA and RNA)?


that was discussed at bioforum on topic
the process relies on differential reduction of silver ions that are bounds to the side chains of amino acid or nucleic acids. There are supposed to be at least 100 to 1000 fold more sensitive as coomassie staining and capable to detect as little as 0.1 1 ng of polypeptide or ng DNA.

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To Mr. Fred

Thanks a lot for your answer but i want to know the detail which regions of protein and DNA that bound with silver? Or Which amino acids can bind with silver? As every one know, DNA consist of Phosphate group, deoxyribose sugar and base, which one bind with silver?
Could you tell me again, Thanks