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About PfuTurbo® DNA Polymerase and Pfu DNA Polymerase - (Feb/16/2005 )

These two DNA polymerases can be used in PCR reaction, Is there anybody who has experience with these two? which one is better?
thanks a lot


I have mental scarring from both.

I've been using Pfu polymerase, and got it to work well, but in my hands it required DMSO and a little more template material than usual. Also, it needed ~3mM MgSO4 (it was very fussy and wouldn't work with 2, 2.5, or 3.5, go figure). Pfu is a little slower than Taq, so make the run times a little longer. I allowed 2 min per kb. Lots o luv needed when making up the master mix for this one.

PfuTurbo... it didn't work at all with me BUT another lab in our building swears by it. It has worked for them consistently, and they didn't need to do anything special. Pfu failed miserably in their lab.

I'd use Pfu, but only because I know how to get that one to work.

Get a sample of both, and see which one works in your hands.