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filtering for cell culture stuff - filter cell culture (Feb/16/2005 )

is naylon filter (0.2 microM) OK for filtering the cell culture stuff (glutamin, for example?) or should I buy the other types?...
Thanks for the answers


well it depends on your application but you can probably get away with using 0.45 um filters. We use them all the time to filter sterilize culture additives for yeast and E.coli



You can get away with .45 um filters, although using 0.2 um is better. You will find that some solutions such as proteins and similar things will clog the filters fast no matter what size pores you are using, so I always go for the smaller pore size if I can.


There is no problem in using any of the membranes for filter sterilization. but you need to check out witht he manuafcturer for the affinity of the given membrane for the compound of interest. Otherwise you lose a significant amount of you susbtance.


filtering through 0.45 will ensure elimination of cells. Filtering through 0.2 removes all bacterias. But retroviruses still be in a 0.2 filtered solution.