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looking for cell line: CEMX174(T1) - (Feb/14/2005 )

hi there
i'm looking for a lymphocytes cell line that express CD4+ and CCR5 and can be infected by HIV.
for now i have a cell line called: CEMX174(T1), and i'm having problems growing it, i tried everything already. i might got this cell line in a bad condition (i got it after 2 days in a 50ml falcon). if there is anyone who grew this cell line please contact me, so i can use some ideas.


did you look it up on atcc already? (CRL-1991)



NIH AIDS Reagent Program has numerous cell lines that express CD4 and CCR5 and can be infected with HIV. Reagents are free but your PI has to become a member in order to get them. And you have to acknowdlege the program and the donor in any publication resulting from the use of their cell line or reagent.

I hope this does not come too late...