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Multiplex Cytokine Assays - Antibody coupling - (Feb/10/2005 )

I am looking for advice from anyone that has bound antibody to the microspheres used in the Luminex multiplex cytokine assay. I am looking for a protocol and also general information on how well these 'home-made' microspheres work.
Thanks in advance.


Please see the following hyperlink for a protocol to couple antibodies to microspheres:

Admittedly, I am using this protocol for the first time myself, but I was directed to it by Luminex Corporation. Hopefully it will bring both of us some success.

Good luck and let me know if I can be of further help.


We have done alot of coupling of ab's to the Labmap microspheres and can recommend the Luminex protocol, it works.


take a look at skogstrand et al. 2005 clin. biochem.