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Brdu for DNA synthesis - (Mar/23/2001 )

You didn't say in your original question what specific application you need the BrdU for?

In our lab, we use it for FACS and immunohistochemistry.We buy our BrdU from Sigma. It works for what we do.

We inject mice (or you can give it to animal via drinking water)with BrdU. Then process after whatever amount of time is called for inthe experiment we are doing.

We buy our anti-BrdU-FITC labelled from Becton Dickinson. It'svery expensive, but it shows up nicely on FACS. You can alsoget an anti-BrdU-biotin labled antibody, but I don't recomend using it for FACS (endogenous biotin that is released from inside the cells when fixed and permeabilized screws that stain up. I even tried blockingwith the avidin/biotin blocking kit from Vector and it stillhad a horrendous background).

Anyways, the biotin labeled BrdU is for my slide sections.

So, look at BD and Zymed for anti-BrdU AB's. And for the BrdU, I recomend Sigma's,but I'm sure lots of other company's sell it.


Kim KusserResearch AssistantTrudeau Institute



Does anyone know if Brdu for DNA synthesis is reliable? If so, which company's kit is the best? Thanks for your information.

Jing Yu