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avidin/biotin block - (Feb/03/2005 )

Hello. I would like some ideas on what to use to block endogenous biotin.
I have tried Vector's Avidin/Biotin Block Kit; however, I seem to lose
my signal altogether. I would appreciate any suggestions.



A cheap Biotin block is egg contains avidin which can bind with endogenous biotin... i tried it a few times, but I couldn't really tell if it worked (there were a lot of other factors that I was working through at the same time ohmy.gif !!!!) However, I guess it would look better to buy the reagent, than to be hackin' on eggs in the lab and all biggrin.gif !!! Are you rinsing well after the block? What are you developing with (AP, FITC, HRP , etc)???

LabPrincess smile.gif


Vector's kit works great as does DAKO's Biotin Blocking Kit. I use these every day. If you lose the signal I would venture to guess it wasn't specific to begin with.