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Difference between RNase A and RNase H - (Feb/03/2005 )

Someone can tell me the difference between RNAse A and RNAse H?
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if i'm not wrong, here is the difference :
The bovine pancreatic ribonuclease (also known as RNase A) was first purified by Kunitz and Mcdonald. It hydrolizes phosphodiester bonds on 3' side of pyrimidic nucleotides C and U of single stranded RNA molecules.
it is used, as RNase P1, RNase T1, or S1 nuclease, for nuclease protection assays.

Rnase H is an endoribonuclease which specifically hydrolizes the phosphodiester bonds of RNA which is hybridized to DNA. This enzyme do ot digest single or double stranded DNA. It's used to remove polyA tails of mRNA hybridized to olgo(dT) or removal of RNA during second DNA strand synthesis.