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glycoproteins and glycosyltransferases - protocols + knowledges needed about glycoproteins (Feb/01/2005 )


Does somebody knows a way to detect and quantify glycosyltransferase activity. Anyway, if somebody knows something on glycoproteins and glycosyltransferase and want to share his knowledge with me, please write me back.


there are substances that interfere with protein glycosylation. Two that come to mind are tunicamycin and Endo-H. I work in a yeast lab, so im not sure if it applies to other organisms.

For instance, you can compare extracts of tunicamycin treated cells with untreated extracts. If your protein is N-glycosylated, it will run lighter then your control because tunicamycin inhibits N-glycosylation. Or, if you see no change, then you might be able to determine that your protein is O-glycosylated.

As far as quantifying, havent the slightest, but Im sure that's an experiment thats been done before.

I learned a fair amount from this journal article:

good luck