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Immunoprecipitation - peptide antibody (Jan/19/2005 )

I have an antibody derived against a peptide for the protein that I am interested in. I am able to use the antibody to successsfully stain tissue sections and Westerns.

My post-doc tells me that it cannot be used for immunoprecipitation, however, I find that strange if it can be used for Westerns and histology.

Not being familiar with immunoprecipitation and my post-doc never actually having done this type of experiment, I wanted to ask the experts here it is was possible?

Although my attitude is "nothing eventured, nothing gained", unless there is a good rationale why I shouldn't.

Thanks in advance for any comments and/or suggestions


well, it probably worths trying it biggrin.gif


If the experiment hasn't been done than why not do it? Antibodies generated against peptides generally don't detect 3D epitopes, which is ideal when looking at linearised protein in Western Blot. Given the antibody works in histology where the protein should represent native folding (depending on fixation procedures), I'd definately give the antibody a go in IP. What have you got to lose.