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factor Xa - (Jan/16/2005 )

Hi GST expert

I cut my protein with factor Xa. Now I have problem with factor Xa-protein mixed. I am very grateful if you can tell me how to get rid off factor xa from my cleavage-protein

millions thanks in advance


The easiest way to do it would either be to separate it either by molecular weight or by affinity. Factor Xa is around 38 kDa, but I don't know the molecular weight of your protein. So basic size exclusion chromatography could work pretty well.

If that isn't an option, then another thing that you could try is to use Amersham's Benzamidine sepharose. Benzamidine is a known serine protease inhibitor and Amersham has on their website a poster describing using the resin to pull Factor Xa out of the mixture you're describing. Its in the literature section of the website. Honestly, odds are this will be more expensive than the size exclusion method but may be your only option.

I've never done what you need to do before, but I work with factor Xa for different reasons and have happened to run across the ideas I've described above. I hope it helps at least to get you started. smile.gif


Qiagen sells a factor-Xa removal resin you could try.