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FACS analysis with CD49d From Pharmingen - FACS with CD49d (Jan/10/2005 )

I have ran several titrations with BD Pharmingen CD49d PE labelled anitbody; however, have had no sucess with isolating distinct populations. I cannot determine whether all cells are positive or if they are not staining at all. BD is no help.


Do you see any sort of shift at all in a cell count vs. FL-2 histogram? If the entire cell poulation is positive then the whole "hill" off cells will move to the right (as compared to a control antibody sample). If there is just a subpopulation of positive cells then you will see a smaller "hill' shift to the right, or a trailing shoulder form from the original poulation's location. If nothing is positive then you should see little or no movement of the population in that histogram window.

What are your cells? Some sort of B or T-cell?