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Hind III marker - Molecular Marker (Jan/07/2005 )

Dear Friends
when ever i run hind iii marker with my pcr products , I get .5 Kb fragment well seperated but not bigger ones after running gel too long.
Please suggest what to do. Is there any method of making a marker.
Warm wishes



I have just started to do something similar, im not sure if this will answer your question but it may help.

I used the following

5ul lambda DNA (2ug/ul)
44ul React 2 Buffer
1ul Hind III

It took about 5hrs to digest the DNA. My digest gave me 7 bands of the following sizes (KB): 23.10, 9.40, 6.60, 4.40, 2.30, 2.00 & 0.56.

The 0.56KB band was very faint. I have used the above to quantify my PCR products.

Hope it helps