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DNA extraction from little animals - DNA extraction from digeneous aproximately 100 mic (Jan/03/2005 )

I must compare two different parasites living inside different host, but morphological methods are not enough. The amount of parasites inside one of them is big. In contrast, the other host present few animals, so I have little number of parasites and this make difficult the DNA extraction (the digeneus are aproximately 100 micrometers long and I have more or less 20).
Can somebody suggest me a good DNA extraction protocol?



Typically you only need a very small amount of eukaryotic tissue to be able to extract DNA, so you should have enough with the 20 specimens you have, if you pool them and extract. If you are able to get more of these parasites, I would suggest increasing the number you are using. If you are only able to get the 20, then I would do a trial extraction on some other species of similar dimensions to see how it works before going on to do your species of interest.

Any of the standard extraction proceedures are great for getting DNA, however you may want to take into consideration the type of parasite you are extracting from... e.g. exoskeletons can make things difficult.


Good luck.