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RNA Isolation - (Dec/15/2004 )

I am isolating RNA from bacteria grown in the 200ml of culture, I know the degradation of RNA will be avoided as possible if i can haveste the cell in a very short period , but the problem here is that the cell was grown in a large volume culture (for guarantying high yield of RNA),so it takes long time to centrifugate the cell (at least 15minte by a big motor).
I hope to get same suggestion on how to satble the RNA of bacteria.
Thanks in advance.



There shouldn't be a problem during 15' centrifugation. The cell won't lyse easily if you spin it at low speed (5000 to 7500 rpm) and at room temp. (or 4 C).

You should only start to worry after you've lysed your cell as RNase will be available in the solution along with your RNA.