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How to find/check the highly conservative sequence - RT-PCR primers (Mar/29/2002 )

did somebody know how to find/check the highly conservative sequence among species?
i am designing the primers which is target for the receptor of guinea pig.  but i cant get that sequence from the GenBank.  I wonder if sb. know where i could get the free software to compare the sequence of human, rat and mouse in order to find out the highly conservative part. Thanks a lot.



You can search HomoloGene at NCBI site:

HomoloGene is a homology resource which includes both curated and calculated orthologs and homologs for genes represented in UniGene and LocusLink for human, mouse, rat, zebrafish, cow and fly.

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Thanks a lot.

I also found a free software MEGA2(molecular evolutionary genetics analysis).  I wonder if it is Ok to check the conserved region between rat and mouse using this software and design the primers based on that sequences.

Thanks again for your nice reply.