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mass balance in PCR - (Nov/30/2004 )


how can I do a mass (molar) balance for the quantities entered and obtained through the polymerisation cycles ?
There must be a factor to correlate the theoretical results with the practical (the real quantity is smaller), a factor that includes all the influences on the reaction outcome(f).

enter N= Conc.* volume entered ; (there are 30 cycles)
exit: N*2'30*f

Any answer or suggestion is very much welcome smile.gif



exit: N*2'30*f -N-N*30 is the correct bilance. For estimation I woluld reduce the cycle number about 2-5 cycles. e.g. 27 instead of 30.


what is the value of [f] ?



Sorry, no f : N*2'30 -N-N*30 !! wink.gif