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Ovalbumin - (Nov/30/2004 )

Do someone know why is OVA used like an Ag???
Where I can find this information??? Any article???
Thanks a lot


Hi Microbiologa,
The reason i use OVA as an antigen is because i have mice with a transgenic T cell receptor for it (OT-1, OT-2 and DO11.10 mice). This way is is easier to study APC-T cell interaction because 80% of the T cells in these mice are specific for OVA (in an allogeneic reaction like C57Bl6 to Balb/c this is 1-5%). I don't know if there are other reasons to use OVA. And for articles about it, just search pubmed for it and you will find plenty.



Low endotoxin Ovalbumin

Commercially available stocks of OVA are heavily contaminated with LPS.
Ovalbumin is used in conjugo-immuno-determinations and drug and pharmaceutical processing. Also it is often used as a non-relevant carrier protein in ELISA antibody titer screens or as blocking buffer. “However, … , commercially available stocks of proteins, such as HEL, BSA, or OVA, are heavily contaminated with LPS, … .”
[J. Immunol., Jun 1999; 162: 6552 - 6561.]
Therefore not only in biopharma production but also in R&D the removal of endotoxin from ovalbumin solution is of great importance.

Profos offers an application note which summarized general information on ovalbumin. Answers are given to questions like:

Posttranslational Modifications
Physical and chemical properties
detailed protocol for removal of endotoxin from ovalbumin with EndoTrap

For more details please contact Profos AG (Germany).