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Freezing down cell lysate - (Nov/16/2004 )


Does anyone know whether its possible to freeze down whole cell lysates (Produced using the Nonidet P-40 detergent lysis buffer) for a time?
I am going on holiday for a long weekend and have transfected cells which will be ready on the Friday. I was planning on freezing the lysate and immunoprecipitating stuff on the Tuesday.

Has anyone tried this before and if so did it work?




I've personnaly nerver done that, but I did immunoprecipitate over weekend (Friday to Monday) and it worked fine (I usually IP overnight). Unless you have precise IP time to respect, you could IP o/we.

Other than that, I wouldn't hesitate much freezing my lysate o/we and IP the week after... not much moves at -20°C!!



Generally when you freeze whole cell lysates (in -20 or even better in -70 Celsius degrees) it can be stored in a freezer up to one month, but it is not allowed to refreeze - you can only freeze and thaw a sample one time.