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How to prepare Sephadex microcentrifuge columns? - (Nov/15/2004 )

Hi all!

I want to make my own (cheap) Sephadex G50 colums without syringes. Since I found them supplied in some Kits as microcentrifuge columns, there should be a way to have "home-made-ones". rolleyes.gif

Does anyone know a suitable protocol?



You can make rough and ready ones using a 600ul microfuge tube inside a 1.5 / 2 ml tube. Put a small whole in the bottom of the 600ul tube with a hot wire and then put some glass wool inside the tube to stop the sephadex escaping. You can then add your sephadex in solution and this gives you a mini-spin column. Experiment with the size of whole / amount of glass wool / amount of sephadex.
Sorry I can't give any more details. It was 6-7 years ago in a different lab
Hope this helps


Thank you Ian!

Sounds cheap and easy!