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O2 vs H2O2 - does H2O2 decease the O2 content in cell medium (Nov/11/2004 )

I would like to know if addition of hydrogen peroxide to a growth medium reduces the oxygen content in the medium, leading to hypoxia or any sort of oxygen deficiency. Ldh (lactate dehydrogenase) transcription is induced during oxidative stress when I add H2O2 to my cell culture. From the literature I read, however, that LDH expression is induced during oxygen deficiency, which makes more sense to me. Can anyone explain to me why LDH expression is induced during oxidative stress? Thanks


as far it goes to my knowledge, during oxidatinve stress u get lactate getting accumulated as a result of anaerobic process and this could certainly induce LDH genes . i may be right. i dont know exactly. is that answer convincing for u. refer Biochemistry by Lehninger or Stryer for further details
madhan shankar
Biotechnology Head
DR NGP Arts & Science College