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0.02M phosphate buffered saline - (Jan/05/2009 )

I'm a dentist just getting a study underway for my degree.
My chemistry is very rusty.

I will need to make a "0.02M phosphate buffered saline at pH 6.8 " - can someone please tell me how I should go about making some from scratch or getting a commercial product and modifying it?

Thank you in advance for your help.



Make a 1 M stock of the phosphate buffer at the desired pH. Just dilute it out to the required molarity buy using N1V1=N2V2. Directly make the required dilution if you don't need it often.

Calculate NaCl required by using

Molarity=(what you have to weigh/58.44)*(1000/volume in mL).

Find the amount of NaCl u have to weigh according to the volume you need and then just dissolve the salt in buffer.

You are done smile.gif

Hope it helps


-T C-

Thank you very much!

As I will be using the solution to wash and neutralize sections of teeth that's been decacified in an acetate buffer solution for weeks, I think your prescription will fit the bill perfectly. More so than other commercial products that contain potassium and other constituents to maintain cell health.

Again - many thanks, T C.