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What's the major cell type in thymus - (Dec/29/2008 )

Hi all,

Does anyone know what's the major T cell type in the thymus? Double negative T cells? And does anyone know how to culture the T cells isolated from thymus to keep them live longer?

Thanks in advance!



Double positive T cells easliy comprise most of the T cells in the thymus. A vast majority of these cells die before getting to the single positive stage. There are a few ways to grow these cells in culture. People used to make fetal thymic organ cultures (FTOCs) but more recently the OP9-DL system has been used with great success. You should search on pub-med or google scholar.

Thymocytes are notoriously difficult to keep alive (compared to splenocytes) even when simpy phenotyping them.

Hope that helps.

-JE UMass IVP-