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Molecular characterization of tree species - RAPD adn isoenzyme markers (Nov/05/2004 )

[B] hi friends

iam madhan working in Institute of Forest genetics and tree breeding, India and iam working on RAPD and Isoenzyme markers in a tree species for a few populations. my aim is to fix a few markers for populations. iam in need of some reviews for the work . can any one suggest or help me out in getting a few relevant reviews.



Try searching Pubmed for RAPD or isozyme:

I think Black IV (1994?, can't remember exact date, I havn't used this stuff for a few years) is the sort of definitive reference for RAPD markers, but there is a heap of references out there on them.

Be aware that there are some issues with heritability of such markers and that there is a need to be very careful to establish consistent (i.e. reproducible) variable markers as well as some that do not change over your study group


HI bob
thanks for ur message. i shall go through pubmed. i would also like to know about primers for SSR's. is there any one using starch gel for isoenzyme analysis?


Hi again

This seems to be OK for isozymes...

I don't know of any primers for SSRs, you could try a google search for them, you may get lucky.

I found the reference I gave you earlier... Black, W.C. (1993)
PCR with arbitrary primers: approach with care. Insect Molecular Biology, 2, 1-6

Good luck