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How to isolate intron of particular gene - (Dec/18/2008 )

I want to isolate intron of gene to use in gene silencing work as loop forming structure,but i donot know how to isolate this intron.Please help me how to isolate intron of particular gene.
Thanks in advance,


Please tell us what do you have? This will allow us to formulate a plan of action.

Do you know the sequence of the intron, or the gene the intro comes from?
Do you know how big is this intron?
Are you able to obtain the gene / genome segment containing the gene in a genomic library?
Do you have genomic DNA of the organism that contains the gene you are interested in looking at?


As long as the intron isn't too large, you could amplify by PCR, using the exonic sequences for the primers.


Look up the sequence on NCBI and isolate it from genomic DNA?