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Store protease K, glycogen, DTT, RNaseOut at -80C? - Can I store these reagents at -80C instead of -20C ? (Dec/10/2008 )

I use these reagents for my viral RNA extraction in a room which has only -80C freezer.

All reagents are instructed to store at -20C, but I don't have -20C freezer in a room.

Can I store them at -80C ?

I found RNaseOut frozen at -80C. (It doesn't freeze at -20C)
Will this be OK?


it is usually best to store things under the recommended conditions.

some things may not survive freezing.

check the data sheet or the website about rnaseout.

rnaseout data sheet


Thanks for the reply.
I have checked the data sheet, of course, but it says -20.

I want to know about other people's experiences.