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The action of alcohol on bacteria cells - Washing bacteria cell (resuspending) pellets with methanol? (Dec/07/2008 )

Dear all,

We all know that the dehydrating effects of alcohol (when it evaporates) kills bacteria. Now, regardless of whether I need my cells or not, do we use alcohol (e.g. methanol) to wash our cells after centrifuge? I have come across protocols using 1:1 of methanol-dH2O. Just curious.

I've used dH2O before and then switched to PBS. NO plans to switch again but would appreciate it if anyone would be able to explain the myriads of wash buffers employed in a simple cell washing.

PS. I've seen the use of TE too (??!!!!)

Thank you and happy holidays!


I would say it depends on what you're doing.

however, I would be hesitant to wash live cells in MeOH. I have used water, TE, Tris, PBS, HBSS, all sorts of thing...but alchohol seems like a bad idea


Ok. Thank you