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Plasmid DNA storage - (Dec/05/2008 )

Hi, I was wondering if anyone have any information regarding the kind of material(s) best
for storing plasmid DNAs at room temperature besides the eppendorf tubing material. I tried
storing the DNAs in glass vials in presence of both water and glycerol and found the DNAs
starting to degrade within 3 weeks at room temperature. Any info or leads on this would
be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

-JC in Socal-

The tube material matters far less than the buffer used to store the DNA. Plasmid DNA should be stored in TE (10 mM tris-hcl pH 7.5, 1 mM EDTA). Assuming reasonable quality of the DNA, this should be stable at room temperature for many months or years. Avoid excessive freeze/thaw cycles.
You could also store it precipitated (final wash stage of an ethanol precipitation in 70% ethanol). I'd add 1 mM EDTA to the ethanol wash for long term storage.