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Trizol Reagent not Extracting RNA - was refrigerated, is this a problem? (Dec/02/2008 )

Hello all!

Our Trizol Reagent was accidentally refrigerated at -4º even though it should be stored at 2-8º. (room temperature I guess?) Anyway, my RNA extractions show NOTHING when run on a native gel... nothing there! They seem to have *stuff* in them - they had a concentration of 400 µg/ml and I thought their A260/280 ratio was fine, but I can't amplify anything from them, and there is NOTHING there when I run them on a gel!

Thank you!


refrigeration is at 2-8 deg C. If your fridge is at minus 4 deg C then water will be freezing in your fridge, and the fridge should be adjusted. Trizol should be fine in the fridge.

Room temp is by international standard set at 20 deg C (68 F)