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polyadenylation and RT-PCR - (Dec/01/2008 )


I have been trying to reverse transcribe total bacterial RNA by polyadenylation and oligod(T) primers... I used the polyA polymerase kit from Epicentre, cleaned up the reaction on spin columns and did the RT with both Ambion and Invitrogen kits... afterwards I did a PCR for some genes and all I get is a smear near the wells, while I don't have any problem when I do the RT with gene specific primers... I ran the RNA on the gel after poly(A) reactions and the rRNA bands show lower migration, their size is increased, so I guess the polyA reaction is not the problem...

Any suggestions?


-emiliania huxleyi-

Not all prokaryotes use polyA tails, so this is probably why your RT with specific primers work but your polyA does not. You'd be better off using random hexamer 'primers' instead. Also, I seem to recall that polyA tails in prokaryotes will target transcripts for degradation...See these papers

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Yeah, I know that not all of them has the polyA tails... This is why I used the polyA polymerase to add a polyA tail, but somehow it doesn't work as I want it to...

-emiliania huxleyi-