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selective preciptation of DNA according to size - (Dec/01/2008 )

I want to precipitate selectively (more or less wink.gif) DNA <1kb from DNA >2.5kb. I remember a protocol saying the pH of the NaOAc solution has an influence on
the DNA-size that is precipitated but I can not find this protocol any more.
I want to circumvent the gel-purification step as I have a large number of inserts to clone.
Can anybody help?



Your approach will almost certainly not work. You should consider cloning into a vector with different antibiotic resistance, which will eliminate the need to remove the parent vector DNA.


How many is a 'large number' of inserts?

-Ginger Spice-

@phage434: Thank you for your idea - great!
@Ginger Spice: at least >100 inserts



If your inserts have the same restriction sites, you could just do some shotgun cloning