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Is it possible to preserve polylisine coated glasses? - (Nov/28/2008 )

Hallo to everybody!!!

I'm beginning some experiments and I will use the confocal microscope for the first time. I'm going to prepare the microscope glasses slides coated with polylisine. My questions are:

"Is it possible to preserve those slides after the coating? How?"

"Do you think I can coat 10-15 slides and use them in 2-3 weeks?"

Thank you all in advance.


you should have posted this on the immunology forum, because people who do ImmunoFluorescence usually know the answer to this question.

yes, you can save your coated coverslips or slides at 4c for 1-2 weeks. but just before growing your cells on them or whatever your application is you would need to UV your coverslips/slides to make sure they don't have contamination. keep your slides or coverslips in petridsh and wrap with parafilm.

but better use them immediately after coating. just wash with PBS and continue with your application.

there are also commercially available coated coverslips and slides.