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how long does it take a colony inoculation to reach log phase? - (Nov/26/2008 )

if I picked a colony (BL21DE3pLysS strain) and inoculated it into ~ 1 mL LB media, how long do you think it will take the cells to reach log or stationary phase? i was hoping to make a glycerol stock out of them before the evening and i picked the colonies this morning. i know i'm supposed to let them grow overnight, but who wants to come in on thanksgiving, right? wink.gif

thanks for any info!


I have only innoculated for 16 hours no less but I guess 12 hours should be enough!



I would think you'd be fine, unless the colony was really really tiny

just check for turbidity. with such a short time-frame, as soon as it starts to get turbid you're well into log phase