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RNA samples precipitates when I add 10X Buffer for Turbo Dnase treatment - RNA precipitation (Nov/20/2008 )

HI There, this is driving me crazy. I purify RNA from my bacteria with trizol and at the end of the purification the A260/280 and 260/230 are great appx 2.0 However when I add the 10X Buffer of the Turbo Dnase (AMBION) the RNA sample precipitates no matter what!!!!!!. Why????????
Has anyone had this problem?. It is only when I add the 10X Turbo DNAse Buffer......Help. Tomas


Maybe your RNA sample is contaminated with GuSCN from trizol and GuSCN will chelate with CaCL2 in the DNase buffer to precipitate out. Try reprecipitate your RNA with ethanol and try again.


Thank you you your response. I do precipitate the RNA with ethanol before PDNse I buffer but just in case I can do 2 times the atheanl precipitation step. Thanks