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Marker for Sample from Nuclear Extraction - (Nov/19/2008 )

Hello all,

My research is based around cellular death. So I am curious if anyone has a suggestion about markers i could use for controls of a nuclear extraction sample i have prepared. I have read alot of papers but have not reached a single decisive answer. The big ones that pop up are Lamin a/c and histone h4. The problem being is that lamin a/c which is the one i'd lean toward is a structural protein that may cleaved during apoptosis.

SOOO... It seems that seems to limit my choices, but I'd love some support and any information that anyone may have. Also is there others that you have worked with that seek to fit the ticket? Thanks a lot





QUOTE (bob1 @ Nov 19 2008, 05:29 PM)

Thanks for the suggestion. I"ll look into it smile.gif